Meet update v.8.0

02 January 2024, 10:32

Dear friends,

We present to you the new version of iEXExchanger v.8.0. In this release you will find a lot of innovations, about everything in order...

Angular 17

(Important) In the iEXExchanger 8.0 update, we rewrote the script from scratch for the Angular 17 version with a new architecture.

Pros of the new architecture:

  • Maximum optimization.
  • Project structure (It will be easier for programmers to understand the code)
  • Full implementation of the Redux system
  • Pages open very quickly. (previously the system loaded everything at once, but now lazy chunk is used).
  • If you previously had unique designs, they will not be supported starting with this version. Your programmers need to adapt everything again.


This update introduces the ability to instantly switch between light and dark styles. This system is controllable, you can customize the colors as you wish.

At the moment, only one list design is available, we will add a second design within 2-3 releases.

Personal Area

In this update, a lot of attention was paid to reworking the client’s personal account module. A convenient new menu, transaction history and partner section have appeared.

Operations history

In this section, multiple changes have been made to ensure that the data is displayed at max. convenient and informative.

For partners

A new section that was written to replace the "Referral Program". Now it will be easier for partners to understand, all unnecessary items have been removed.

  • A block with rewards has appeared
  • Added the "Create a payment request" module.
  • When creating a payment request, the client can select details from a ready-made list.
  • Transaction history (this is a list of requests from clients who followed the referral link)

Exchange page

In this update, the main exchange page has also been significantly changed

  • Updated notification style
  • New module for displaying the history of saved client wallets
  • New filter module (no restrictions on choice)
  • Now it is possible to manage the "Advanced reserves" block
  • New interface for reviews and news

Payment for the application

In the iEXExchanger 8.0 update, the application payment section received many innovations.

Card verification

The card verification section has been completely rewritten, now linking a photo and checking it is very simple. Even if the page is reloaded, the check will not disappear.


We have simplified the ability to pay for an application through a merchant; now this happens in 2 clicks.

Payment check

In this update, we added a new module for linking checks to an application from the client. The client can attach a photo of the receipt on the payment window. (The function is enabled in the currency settings).


In this update, the reviews module has been rewritten from scratch. Now reviews can be added only after successful completion of the application in the application card itself.

The feedback card has also become more informative and convenient.

If you have old reviews, they will not be available in the new version.

Fixes and improvements

  • New animation and icons have appeared.
  • Removed outdated authorization and registration modal windows
  • In the "Parsing Courses" module, it became possible to disable logging (This function created a lot of problems due to the load on the database)
  • Added a function to automatically clean logs.
  • In the "BestChange parser" module you can now manually update courses
  • In the control panel, they are placed in a separate section Card and identity verification
  • The function of partial payments to partners has been removed
  • Added module "Tags for currencies"
  • Redesigned site header
  • The module for working with multilingualism has been redesigned
  • Redesigned News module
  • The interface of the Telegram block has been updated.
  • A lot of previously discovered and reported errors in the script have been corrected.

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