Meet update v.8.0.5

25 January 2024, 22:18

Dear friends,

We present to you the new version v8.0.5. This release includes new features and minor changes.

Fixes and improvements

  • The exchange confirmation window will now display the entered client details.
  • The functions “Enable non-standard display of reserves” and “Allow separating reserves by a space” have been removed from the system settings - they are already active by default.
  • Updated Currency Reserve Module
  • All amounts have been converted to readable format
  • Redesigned display algorithm "Exchange at rate"
  • In the "Additional fields for currencies" module, it is now possible to add a list menu. (Multiple methods available)
  • In exchange directions, the ability to work with “Multiplicity of exchange amount” has been added.
  • The module for obtaining information on cards has been improved.
  • New animations in operation histories.
  • Integration with the Payone service has been carried out (detailed information will appear soon)
  • Angular Framework updated to 17.1.1
  • Previously discovered and reported minor errors in the script have been corrected.

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